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Partial Dentures

Partial denturesPartial dentures are removable prosthetics attached to gum-colored plastic bases that replace some missing teeth. Partial dentures are typically made up of metal framework and clasps that attach to your teeth. Precision attachments are devices that connect the prosthetic to your teeth and have a more natural look than clasps.

Dental crowns or other dental work may be recommended to improve the fit of a removable partial denture.

Affordable Dentures

Are dentures affordable? We understand the concerns costs have on your oral healthcare needs. Unfortunately, we cannot provide general costs associated with partial dentures as the costs will vary based on the appliance, features, and extent of dental work required for placement. One thing to note, in general, partial dentures with precision attachments cost more than those with clasps. Please consult our dentist to determine which type of denture is right for you.

What to Expect

Initially, your new partial denture may feel bulky or uncomfortable. Don't worry; this is normal, and you will eventually become accustomed to wearing your new partial dentures. However, if the denture places too much pressure on a particular area, that spot may become sore and irritated. Don't hesitate to reach out. Our dentist can adjust the partial denture to fit more comfortably.

Removing and inserting your partial dentures will take some practice. Our dentist will provide general instructions on using and caring for your new dentures. Your partial dentures should fit into place with relative ease.

Never force or bite your partial dentures into place, as this could bend or break the clasps.

Eating and chewing may take getting used to but should become more pleasant with your dentures. We recommend eating soft foods cut into small pieces and avoiding extraordinarily sticky or hard foods. Also, avoid chewing gum while you adjust to the new prosthetic.

A partial denture can also help improve your speech. However, this may also take some practice. We recommend reading out loud to help you pronounce your words more clearly and repeat words that seem difficult to say. In time, you will become accustomed to speaking properly with your partial denture in place.

How Do Partial Dentures Help?

Missing teeth can have long-term social and/or oral health consequences. Your quality of life will improve when missing teeth can be replaced. And most importantly, your audiences will see you smile once again!

When teeth go missing for too long, the neighboring teeth will begin to tip sideways or shift to fill the gaps. The shifting teeth set off a long chain of events, leading to misaligned bites, teeth grinding or clenching, possible tooth fractures or cracking, excess wear and tear, and/or jaw dysfunction and pain.

Our Process

If you have one or more missing teeth, get in touch with Duhon Family Dentistry today. The first step always includes an evaluation and consultation.

Once you and Dr. Duhon decide on the partial dentures best suited for you, a treatment plan will be scheduled to prepare the areas for placing the dentures. Treatment may include removing damaged or broken teeth, setting dental crowns, etc. Once your jaw and teeth are ready for placement, an impression is made.

The last step of this process is obtaining and learning about your new partial dentures. Our dentist will ensure your new partial dentures fit well inside your mouth. Before you leave, Dr. Duhon will also guide you on how to clean, store, and wear your newly-acquired dentures. If at any time you experience soreness or significant discomfort, call our dental office with any concerns and questions you may have!

Get in touch with Duhon Family Dentistry today! Partial dentures continue to be a reliable tooth or teeth replacement option for patients with one or more missing teeth. You deserve to eat, chew, talk, and smile.

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