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Dental Implants

Diagram of dental implantDental implants are the best possible solution to restore a complete smile and are typically better than removable prostheses if you have badly damaged, broken, or missing teeth. Dental implants are excellent for restoring a beautiful and healthy smile.

Dental implants are typically made from precious metals like titanium or platinum that are rust-free and inert. They are surgically installed into the jaw bone. Once your bone and tissue have healed around the dental implant, a beautiful and natural-looking prosthetic tooth is attached.

Dental Implants from Duhon Family Dentistry

Our highly trained staff and experienced dentist, Dr. Karlnelius Duhon, are professional experts bringing an array of knowledge, talent, and patient care. We ensure our dental implant process goes as smoothly and pain-free as possible.

Furthermore, we utilize the latest and best-in-class dental technology, allowing us to place dental implants with immense precision and success. With dental implants from Duhon Family Dentistry, you can:

  • Support your existing denture or bridge securely
  • Improve or restore facial tissue
  • Restore digestion, speech, and chewing
  • Restore your smile
  • Reduce biting problems and pain
  • Replace lost teeth without affecting neighboring teeth

Our Process

Our process requires our patients to make multiple visits over several months. Our dentist will take impressions and X-rays of your teeth and jaw to start, identifying the spacing and necessary jaw and gum availability.

Ideal candidates are then taken to the next steps, where the dental implants are placed during a surgical appointment. After your surgery, a specific time is recommended for the area to heal around the implant. This can take as long as six months.

After your dental implants heal with your gums and bone, you will be called in again to attach the artificial teeth. Lastly, you can enjoy your new teeth in all their glory!

Dr. Duhon will provide you with care instructions and eating and oral hygiene tips to increase the life of your newly-acquired dental implants and artificial teeth. Depending on how you take care of your implants, you might have to revisit our practice for any adjustments you might require.

Please schedule an appointment with us today to get your dental implants. Although we may be biased in thinking we have the best dentist in Lake Charles, one thing's for sure; we employ only the best in dental technology and skill. Contact a great dentist near you today.

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