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Cone-beam CT

Woman sitting in Cone Beam CT scannerFor decades, healthcare professionals have trusted CAT (computerized axial tomography) scans to identify healthcare issues. A CAT scan is an imaging technique that utilizes X-rays to develop 3D or cross-sectional images of a human body. The Cone Beam CT has been designed using similar technology.

In recent years dentists have begun utilizing the same imaging technologies with the Cone-beam CT (CBCT), which provides dentists with more precise imaging of dental nerves, bone density, and structure that a regular dental X-ray cannot. In addition, this newer technology is quick and provides far better images of your jaw and teeth. You are also exposed to far less radiation than traditional dental X-rays.

Our Process

A Cone-beam CT scan only takes a few minutes. First, our dentist will ask you to sit still on a chair within the confines of the X-ray. Bite guards may be used to focus on a particular area. Then, the Cone-beam CT scan machine will rotate around your head to capture the images of your jaw and teeth.

Our dentist, Dr. Duhon, will review the newly taken images to offer you an understanding of your current oral health.

Duhon Family Dentistry uses the latest CBCT technology to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. The Cone-beam CT is an excellent piece of technology that has allowed our dentist to offer only the best in dental treatment. By improving the outcomes of dental surgery, minimizing dental treatment costs, and reducing treatment time, you'll be happy a CBCT was used.

How CBCT Has Improved Treatment

The Cone-beam CT scan helps our dentist review the details of your jaw and mouth. Below are some benefits we find helpful in diagnosing and treating oral health issues:

  • View impacted teeth
  • See the exact position and orientation of every tooth
  • Aids in custom dental implants
  • Provide a clear plan a dental surgery may require
  • To measure the jawbone density more accurately
  • To diagnose oral disease early on

Schedule a regular cleaning & exam today. See how our dental clinic utilizes the latest technology to improve our diagnosis and provide better treatment recommendations.

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